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Custom Knit on Bamboo Stretch French Terry-minimum is 2 yards. This listing is for 1 custom printing of your design printed on 300 GSM. It is 64” wide and weighs 300 GSM. This terry stretches approximately 75% in the width and 75% in the length. Bamboo stretch french terry is the perfect fabric for many necessities and luxuries. Our high quality stretch terry is ready to be turned into under garments, leggings, tops, skirts and cloth diapers, Mama cloths, baby blankets and cloths, wipes and pillow cases. After many washes and use, french keeps its softness. This fabric is printed with eco friendly inks. These inks do not produce harmful chemicals or environmental pollution, therefore, comply with environmental regulations. Eco dyes are non-carcinogenic and are free from or produce no harmful aromatic amines or acute toxins. The color fastness and performance of these dyes are superior to banned dyes. This is not digital pigment printing. 

Our custom printing is done in China using a wet digital printing system. This allows for superb and lasting color. 

Orders for custom printing will be placed on the 15th of each month with arrival expected in about 5 weeks. You will email your file to [email protected] and have it approved by the 15th of each month. Designs arriving after the 15th will fall in to the next months order. We cannot accept designs on the 15 as they will need approval prior to submission. 

What does approval entail?

Designs must be owned or purchased by the customer. We cannot print anything that is in violation of copyright laws.  

Designs should be a continuous repeat, that means if you print out the design on paper and lay the pieces side by side the design will continue along the paper trail for as many pages as you can print. It is advised to print your design in color at scale to gauge the size of your print. Ideally you  would open your design in an art program to see the scale as well. 

Design and printing can vary in terms of color. We make no guarantee that the color you see on your screen will translate to the color of the fabric. Cotton will print differently than bamboo, which will print differently that polyester. 

Finally, prints can and will vary from batch to batch. We do not hold designs or size information from month to month. If you order shamrocks in March, and again in July, the color will likely be different.

Be aware that occasionally the printer will send an overage on your print. We would bill you for that amount. If you order 2 yards, they may send 2.5 yards, we will bill you for the half yard overage. On a rare occasion prints may not be continuous yardage. 

Message or email us for more information.

[email protected]

Custom printing is non refundable.